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How to Care for Miracle Flowers

It’s no exaggeration: Miracle flowers are low maintenance. There are only four things to keep in mind to make sure that your miracle flowers last for one year:

Best set in a cool area 

Miracle flowers do not need direct sunlight to thrive. In fact, they do better without it. Exposure to direct sunlight can burn the petals and cause discoloration or premature aging. 

Best kept away from moisture

Watering flowers can be a chore. Lucky for you, miracle flowers do not need any water, making your life easier. Keep them dry for them to survive. 

Best lightly dusted every 3-5 months

Like anything sitting around in your space, miracle flowers can collect dust over time. If dust accumulates, simply dust with a light tool. No harsh chemicals should be used. 

Best kept with room to breathe

Miracle flowers are delicate and lightweight, leaving them prone to being smushed by objects placed on top of them. Let them breathe! 

And wahala, that is it!




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